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WiFi Camera

WiFi cameras connect to a wireless router without an hardwired internet connection; however, they still require wired power unless the camera has a built-in battery.  WiFi cameras transmit security footage from the cameras to the recorder, which can be accessed within a network or remotely through APP or software. 

PoE Camera

PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras are used with a wired security system. They require CAT cables for power, video/audio transmission, and internet connection. PoE cameras must be used with a PoE injector/switch or a NVR (Network Video Recorder). They are known for their reliability and consistency.

Doorbell Camera
Camera System

Keep an eye on what's happening at your front door through your smartphone. This type of cameras can not only be used as a doorbell, but also provide high quality 2-way video chat with visitors. WiFi connection is most commonly used amongst end users, but there is also PoE option available as well.

There are 3 most commonly used camera systems available on the market: PoE Cameras & NVR (network video recorder) system, Wireless Cameras & NVR system, and Analog Signal Cameras & DVR (digital video recorder) system. In some cases, it could be a system that uses a combination of  PoE & Wireless cameras with a NVR.

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