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What is a cell signal booster?

A cell signal booster (also known as a cell signal repeater) is a device that boosts weak cellular signals for use by cell phones, tablets, hotspots, and other cellular-connected devices.

What makes cell signal unreliable?
  • Distance - The father away you are from the cell tower, the weaker the signal is.

  • Terrain - Hills, mountains, trees, foliage, rocks, etc. between you and nearby cell towers can block cell signal.

  • Buildings - Cell signals can't easily pass through metal, concrete, brick, or energy-efficient windows.

  • Vehicles - Metal and safety glass, the materials making up the outer shell of most vehicles can block cell signal.

Why use a cell signal booster?
  • Eliminate dropped calls

  • Improve voice quality

  • Improve data speed

  • Stay connected all time

  • Expand cell coverage area

  • Extend battery life on cellular devices

Types & applications of cell signal boosters:
For Home & Small Offices

In-building boosters designed to improve indoor signal conditions within spaces ranging from one room to an entire home/office (up to 8,000 sq ft.).

Most common use for this type of booster application: home/office in remote area, home/office with metal/concrete materials, basement, cottage/cabin, etc.

For Large Offices & Buildings

In-building commercial boosters designed to improve/extend indoor signal conditions with spaces range starting from 10,000 sq ft. with high traffic.

Most common use for this type of booster applications: high-rise buildings, hospital, stadium, shopping mall & retail store, factory plant & warehouse, parkade, remote camp site, etc.

For Vehicles

Vehicle ( or Mobile) boosters designed to enhance cell signal within a car, truck, van, SUV, RV, or boat during a trip.

Most common use for this type of booster applications: remote road trips/drives, semi trucks, fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles (policy car, ambulance, fire truck), RV/motor home/camper, etc.

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